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January 29, 2018


B2B Marketing Expert | China Business Thought-Leader and Speaker

In creating valuable relationships between business leaders and mentoring over 400 young people from 36 different countries, Toby Marshall is known internationally for his innovative approach to business-to-business (B2B) marketing.


Toby says it’s time businesses got the results they deserve and stop wasting their money on Snake oil like ‘Branding’, advertising and fancy but useless websites. As the company founder, Toby saw the potential of Social Media for B2B marketing and was the brainchild behind Lead Creation’s unique product range.

His extensive business background made him a leading voice in the Australian marketing community, and he constantly challenges our team to innovate. A big leg up came from the Federal Government who gave Lead Creation 5 years of R&D grants – the only marketing agency to be so honoured!