January 29, 2018

What others Say

Generating Quality Business Leads

I recommended Toby Marshall as a subject-matter expert to speak at the annual convention of our 2000 financial planners on the business use of Social Networking tools, specifically LinkedIn, for generating quality business leads.

I again asked him to present a similar workshop at our Social Media Cafe for employees. On both occasions, the feedback from the participants was extremely positive, particularly around the clarity of underlying principles, the practical value of the advice, and the collaborative style and authenticity of Toby as facilitator.

He is never dull or boring and knows his stuff. I am also brokering further introductions for Toby because I think he can add value in many other areas too.

– Annalie Killian, Director of Human Networks at Sparks & Honey

LinkedIn Marketing Expert

Toby Marshall is Australia’s LinkedIn marketing expert. Most people just have LinkedIn, some people use LinkedIn, but Toby GETS LinkedIn and it’s power as a marketing tool.

I’ve seen his passion to help professional service people unlock the real potential in LinkedIn. So if you want to know how to turn your connections into leads, I’d chat with Toby.

Ashton Bishop, Award Winning International Speaker

Benefits of Social Networking

I was fortunate enough to sit in on Toby Marshall’s presentation about Social Networking, and the benefits it can have on driving brand awareness, attracting business and the positive effective positioning can having in driving a firm’s marketing activities.

Working then as a Marketing Assistant in a mid-tier firm, I found the presentation to be dynamic, relevant and extremely important in identifying the move away from traditional communication methods.

Having studied Marketing & Advertising I wish previous lectures were that informative, relevant and interesting. I will definitely put the advice offered into practise. Thanks Toby!

– Luke Edwardes-Evans, Marketing and Business Development Professional

Turbo Charge Your Social Media Networking

I attended a workshop titled Turbo Charge Your Social Media Networking hosted by Incite Management and presented by Toby Marshall. Even though I say I am familiar with Social Media networking and use it extensively for my business, there is always opportunity to learn more from those who know more – and in my case, I was able to learn a lot from Toby.

Toby brought the message in a simple and practical format, addressing the benefits of Social Media networking for businesses with live examples and case studies. I have been inspired to challenge everything I thought I knew about Social Media networking and will follow and apply some of Toby’s key points and strategies to my marketing strategies. Thanks Toby.

– Ern Phang, Advisor Board Member at Western Sydney Local Venues Council

I attended Toby Marshall’s networking workshop where we learnt some great tips on how to network and how not to! Also workshopped our “elevator pitch” in groups, met lots of business owners and enjoyed some fine wine and nibbles. This was followed-up by a webinar to further refine my elevator pitch. A great blend of work and play and I highly recommend Toby and his team at Lead Creation.

– Sofie Korac, Principal Advisor & Director

LinkedIn Guide

I have really enjoyed Toby Marshall’s LinkedIn Guide it has been a very valuable tool in helping me understand LinkedIn and really start to use it as a tool for creating connections. Thanks Toby for sharing your expertise.

– Emma Weber, CEO, Learning Transfer and Evaluation Specialist

Informative and Provocative

I attended a brief workshop led by Toby Marshall last week on using Social Media for lead creation and tribe-building.

I’ll admit I was skeptical that I’d learn much, since I consider myself pretty social-media savvy. I’ll also have to now admit that I learned a lot about some things that I’d unfairly discounted. He presented to us with a huge amount of enthusiasm and humour. Toby was both an informative and provocative subject matter expert, and a fun bloke to spend a day with.

– Tim Dickinson, Global Customer Success Executive

Managing your LinkedIn presence

Toby Marshall presented to a boardroom lunch meeting of Incite’s key clients today. His topic was Social Media, specifically the value of LinkedIn.

Toby did an excellent job of communicating his message and simplifying the value, effectiveness and how to manage your LinkedIn presence. Today was just one small segment of Toby Marshall’s repertoire of presentations on small business marketing using the internet. We look forward to inviting Toby back to our network to share more of his expert knowledge on this important subject.

Anthony Moss, Business Growth Specialist

Creating more value with your LinkedIn

At Toby Marshall’s informative and practical workshop I learned how to create more value with LinkedIn and how to integrate Social Networking into my marketing. His analogy, it’s like building and owning a niche newspaper put the whole phenomena into context and makes planning how to profit from it so much easier.

He gave us the chapter covering Social Networking from his new book on Amazon – it’s a great resource and built on what we learnt at the workshop. It’s full of insights. In four years on LinkedIn I had done little with it and wondered if it was worth even that minimal effort. Now thanks to Toby and his team I have the know-how and strategies to raise my profile and use LinkedIn as a business and marketing tool.

– Yvonne Collier CSP,  Assertive Skills Expert

Get smart about your marketing

If you are a small business needing to get smarter about your marketing you need to speak with Toby Marshall. His creative, simple ideas on how to get known by your niche via the use of LinkedIn are superb. If you need to develop more leads and get more sales you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with Toby.

– Hugh Gyton, Hugh Gyton & Associates

Understanding Social Media

Attended a workshop presented by Toby Marshall and was very impressed with the level of understanding and knowledge regarding Social Media, as well as the many creative ideas for promotion of small businesses that were presented.

I am definitely interested in attending future workshops to further increase my knowledge, and improve the results of my business marketing.

– Benjamin Townsend, Senior Photographer & Visual Storyteller at Benjamin Townsend Commercial Photography

A Wealth of information in a short time-frame

I have known Toby Marshall for a number of years now, through speaking, recruitment and now lead generation. I have always enjoyed Toby’s articles and seminars.

Recently, I attended a seminar which Toby ran on using LinkedIn for lead generating. It was fabulous! Toby provided us with a wealth of information in a short time-frame and I came away with plenty of ideas to implement. I would have no hesitation in recommending Toby for speaking, training and for anyone needing help in generating leads.

– Deb Carr, Editor & Publisher Sydney Chic Lifestyle Blog

Maximise the benefits possible

I really enjoyed Toby Marshall’s presentation on the use of LinkedIn as my “personal niche online newspaper”. My eyes have been opened as to how to maximise the benefits possible, thanks to Toby and his team at Lead Creation. Great work guys. Thanks.

Ivan Ang, Founder at Leadership Signature Coach

Getting the most out of your LinkedIn

I attended Toby’s LinkedIn workshop in Oct 09, it really made me think about how I am using LinkedIn and how much more I could be getting out of it for b2b lead generation. I like his upfront style and his willingness to help.

– Lara Solomon, Entrepreneur

Insights to Social Media

Toby Marshall’s insights into Social Media/marketing are tremendous. Plus, he’s a great presenter. His advice is highly practical. Anyone and everyone can put it to use immediately.

– Rosemary Gillespie, Writer

Jam-packed business ideas

This was my first seminar from Toby Marshall and the Lead Creation team. Within the first two minutes I was completely satisfied that Toby knew his stuff and how to deliver it to his audience. A great interactive presenter with a good sense of humour, Toby jam-packs his topics with relevant, targeted information that I could apply to my business straight away. It was time well spent and I look forward to the next event from the Lead Creation team.

– Greg Logan, Senior Technical Officer at NSW Department of Education

LinkedIn tips and strategies

Toby Marshall’s tips and strategies on LinkedIn are valuable for any person in business. He makes it easy to understand and implement.

Thanks Toby.

Steve Brossman, The Authority Catalyst

Toby Marshall has some great hints and tips to get the most out of LinkedIn. I recommend him for LinkedIn in the future.

– Nicola Caygill MSc TED, Managing Director at micro-cruising.com.au

Strategic Social Networking

Toby Marshall’s valuable seminar on why and how to use LinkedIn is informative for B2B lead generation whilst entertaining. Toby thinks very strategically about Social Networking and how it fits into a broader marketing strategy.

-James Brennan, Financial Planner

Approaching your LinkedIn

Toby: great seminar and great facilitation. Well done. I took several things away which will impact how I position my new online business and my approach to LinkedIn.

– Dr Timothy Pascoe AM, Creator of Vector Leadership

Excellent business development seminars

I attended one of Toby Marshall’s excellent business development seminars. I came away with several new ideas and have already put two of them into practice.

His generosity in sharing his IP around lead generation and marketing small to medium professional services firms (such as my own) is awe inspiring. My business should definitely grow because of Toby!

– Julie Garland McLellan, Professional Non-Executive Director – Practical Board Advisor

Engaging, Informative and Practical

Toby Marshall delivered an engaging, informative and very practical presentation on lead generation through SEO. No jargon, just relevant, easy to implement steps to improve our SEO rankings. He also provided useful business information on subjects not included in his presentation – Thanks Toby.

– Mark Lewis, Co-founder & CEO at Crewmojo

Hospitality and generosity

Toby – The Heusler Team was full of praise for the workshop yesterday. Appreciate your hospitality and generosity in sharing so candidly the travails and triumphs. The group exercises to practice with like-minded executives was terrific. We have started the day as we mean to carry on and look forward to working with you again. Cheers Elizabeth.

– Elizabeth Heusler, Media maverick, Communications warrior & Strategy zealot at Heusler Public Relations

Knowledgeable in the world of strategic marketing

Toby Marshall is very knowledgeable in the world of strategic marketing. He delivers what he lives in his own business. Everything he teaches, Toby has implemented himself. He knows what works and can help you understand exactly what your website needs to do for you in order to convert the leads his company generates, into customers. What a charming gentleman to work with, indeed!

Christine Till, LinkedIn Expert


I very much appreciated attending your seminar on B2B Social Media, it was educational and “vitalizing”

– Nick Bolton, Head of Institutional Services at The ECU Group plc

Growing business relationships

Toby Marshall’s expertise has helped me better understand how to get the most out of networking in LinkedIn. Like most applications, most people fail to utilise the full potential of the tools that are available to them. Toby works with groups to help them leverage off and grow their business relationships.

– David Louie, Senior Manager at Ascalon Capital

Useful Social Media ideas

As a career marketer I’m more cynical than most. But listening to Toby provided 3-4 really useful ideas on Social Media, and LinkedIn Profiles that I’ll be implementing later today. Finally, someone who understands key issues, pain points in small business and provides actionable solutions.

– Chris Westacott, Managing Director

LinkedIn as an online marketing strategy

I recently attended Toby Marshall’s presentation on using LinkedIn, which I found to be most insightful. I am quite an avid user of LinkedIn and thought I knew all there was to know, but I learnt a lot from Toby not just about LinkedIn functionality but online marketing strategy.

– Tony Payling, Strategic Repositioning | Change Responsiveness

Maximizes one’s potential outcomes

Toby Marshall has an excellent understanding of how to maximise one’s potential outcomes through business networking. Even better, he is excellent at communicating his views in an instructive, informative and entertaining manner. I would strongly recommend all organisations and individuals for whom personal and organisational marketing is important to avail themselves of Toby’s services.

– Peter Lamell, Non-Executive Director at Citywide Services

Utilising LinkedIn more effectively

Toby Marshall presented at the GMAA function that I attended on utilising LinkedIn more effectively. The audience had varying levels of competence with regards to LinkedIn and Toby was able to pitch it at a level that all attendees seemed to benefit from the subject matter.

Thoroughly enjoyable presentation and I will be putting his ideas into action immediately.

– Richard Evans, Executive Search & Recruitment services across Sustainability

Revolutionised my thinking around marketing and the electronic media

Toby Marshall has revolutionised my thinking around B2B lead generation and the electronic media. We attended a meeting and workshop yesterday which were filled with new ideas and ‘invaluable’ sharing of the results of his research.The intellectual property he has created around the use of LinkedIn to broaden the recognition of our services and brand is cutting edge.Absolutely first class communicator who can translate the jargon into knowledge bites I can understand. We are looking forward to the journey, thanks Toby.

– Francois Paquette, RMC at Poynter Hargraves Consultants

Creative Thinker

Toby Marshall is one of a kind. Where others zig he zags. He is a creative thinker who is able to provide a unique service and strong track record of delivery. He is a pioneer in an industry that is reluctant to change.

– Jason Elias, Experienced Legal Recruiter

Simple yet powerful

I attended Toby Marshall’s LinkedIn workshop in October and left amazed by what I now know is possible with this simple yet powerful “social marketing technology”. I love Toby’s energy, clarity and innovative thinking and he delivered on his promise to “unbamboozle” me!

– Lorna Patten, Communication and Transformation Expert

Professional manager and marketer

Toby Marshall is a professional Manager and Marketer. He is innovative and forward looking and I value his insights into Consulting and Business Generation. We initially shared business premises and resources – a true test of a trusting relationship – and have subsequently shared insights into our businesses.

– Geoff and Isobel Berry, Owner, The Berry Group Pty Limited

Passion and commitment

When Toby Marshall speaks, people listen. His passion and commitment in all areas of his business are always evident when he is on the stage. His enthusiasm is contagious, he is a master networker and I thoroughly enjoy watching Toby speak.

– Neen James, Educating Professionals